Friday, March 25, 2011


************* MAMZER ALERT - CODE RED!*************

It has come to our attention that for the first time in decades, a bais din that previously issued a get to a woman has now invalidated it, on the premise that it was received under false pretenses.
It seems that Mrs. Esther Chana Weiss, wife of Mr. Klonimus Kalman Yehoshua Weiss who resided in Monroe, New York has betrayed both her husband and the bais din that issued her a get. She falsely promised not to litigate in the civil courts after the issuance of her get, and then proceeded to breach that very agreement by immediately approaching the civil courts. This has caused her get to become INVALIDATED by the very bais din that issued it. See the letters attached above.
But she didn't stop there. Mrs. Weiss then went ahead and defied the Torah by entering into an adulterous relationship, according to Torah standards, with Mr. Moshe Hirsh Farber from Montreal, Quebec. It was therefore announced by two bais dins (see letters) that this new relationship is adulterous, and any future offspring stemming from their union will be considered mamzeirim. Mrs. Weiss will require a new get from her husband Mr. Klonimus Kalman Weiss prior to remarriage.


  1. Can you please explain to me how a Gett can contain "conditions"?
    A gett is a gett.
    if she violated a "condition", that is a separate matter.... but the gett is still valid I would believe.

    1. Wrong and naive! Sound like a feminist! You obviously have not seen what the Gedolim say about this. A woman who violates conditions on a Get, may be considered a married woman!

  2. you are a big "am huaretz", a get that was given "conditionly", if she violated the condition, the get becomes null and viod