Friday, December 25, 2009


Chayla Grossman Gestetner from Boro Park had a beautiful marriage to Zishe until Zishe was afflicted with a brain tumor. Chayla decided to divorce him after many years of living happily together. She took the wrong path by litigating viciously against him in the Civil Courts and had him jailed already 3 times. Additionally she enlisted the wicked organization of Yeshiva University called ORA, (organization for the resolution of Agunot)
under the auspices of Herschel Schlechter, who have brought about many non-valid Gittin by their ruthless, vicious, unscrupulous methods of intimidation and harrassment. Such Gittin procured thru force and thru the civil courts are rendered non- valid and women marrying with such Gittin are in the category of Eishet Ish and their offspring Mamzerim. See:
and matter of fact, Chayla Grossman is the first woman from the Chareidi camp who enlisted the help of the organization for resolution of Agunot, who call themselves Orthodox, but in reality are operating with "reform" tactics, against the Halochot of the Shulchan Oruch.
Chayla Grossman is also rendered a Moser according to Jewish Halocho which forbids any form of association with her. Anyone who might have updated information about her should email:


  1. I dont understand, is chayla Gestetner related to the famous Rabbi Gestetner who stands up to the pro feminist Rabbis? i dont believe that he would support this blog against his relative?

  2. To Mr Anonymous who commented before: As a matter of fact this is Rabbi Gestetners sister, and i too am wondering why he didnt put out a letter against her as he has done against other women who went to the courts? If he was a sincere Rov he should do the same against his own family?

  3. I heard from a close source that Rabbi Gestetner does not support his sister's actions. Not supporting her actions is one thing,but putting out a letter against his own sister is another thing.!